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16 June

Date: June 16 2017

Sittin On Butter

New single available from Fo Rilo, Lil Spill, Sluggerino featuring Lucky Luciano.

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02 June

Date: June 02 2017

Drug Dealin Psycho Visual

New video from Omega Sin featuring Insane Loc.

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16 May

Date: May 16 2017

Tales From The Underground, Out Now

Click below and check out the latest album from Omega Sin, featuring Project Pat, Twisted Insane, AK of Do Or Die, T-Rock and much much more.

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12 May

Date: May 12 2017


Check out Jai Bravo's newest single featuring A. Bondz & IIndhand.

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09 May

Date: May 09 2017

New Website For Omega Sin

Codeen hooks up the homie Omega with a brand new site, link inside.

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05 May

Date: May 05 2017

2 Videos In The Same Week

Omega Sin just dropped 2 videos in the same week, one featuring Lil Wyte.

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21 Apr

Date: Apr 21 2017

Tales From The Underground Commercial

Codeen whips up a cool commercial for the homie Omega Sin.

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13 Apr

Date: Apr 13 2017

Hardwork Pays Off Tour

Young Bleed, Mr. Envi, Chucky Workclothes, along with others hit the road.

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31 Mar

Date: Mar 31 2017

All Nite Grind

Mr. Envi is back with his new project, link below.

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6 Mar

Date: Mar 6 2017

K-Fix Brand New Mixtape

K-Fix teams up with DJ Lil Sprite for an all new mixtape entitled "Monster Juice".

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About Alumni


"If I never heard these guys, I would've thought the Arkansas hip hop scene was a bunch of wack rappers and copycats."

Treazy from "Treazy Radio Show"

In 2003 Young Deuce and Codeen met up to work on Deuce's first LP "Tha Phenomenon". While recording it he had some local features and one of those was Mr. Endo G, whom was introduced by Deuce's cousin Ronnie T, who was also apart of Alumni.

Since then the two emcee's have put out mixtapes and street albums alike. In 2011 Bigg Reed joined the group and dropped two mixtapes as well. Alumni is a group composed of three lyrical emcee's and Codeen, who does the team's graphics, videos, recordings, etc. In 2016 Mr. Endo G is looking to put out his first nationwide album "Venomous Composition" with tons of star quality and great songs. One of the bonus songs on the upcoming album "Natural Clickin" was nominated for an SCM Award in 2015 for best collaboration.

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