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04 Feb

Date: Feb 04 2018

New K-Fix Album: Majin

Available on iTunes, Spotify, and any other digital store. Nine hard hitting tracks, real Memphis choppa music. Order today.

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02 Jan

Date: Jan 02 2018

K-Fix's New Visual & Omega Sin Collab

Happy new year, we're kicking it off right with a new video from K-Fix featuring 2 Doe Mac entited "Work Mo". Which is also shot and directed by Codeen. Omega Sin also dropped a song for their duet album they have coming out later in the year, it is called "Hold Up". Also, sorry for lack of updates, been busy with the YouTube page and other things, so if you aren't a subscriber, go ahead and do yourself a favor and subscribe, thanks. Now check these out.

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18 Aug

Date: Aug 18 2017

Goliath, Out Now

Click below and check out the latest album from Fo Rilo, featuring T-Rock, C. Ray, Fade Dogg, Omega Sin, K-Fix and much much more. Available On iTunes, Spotify, and all major online outlets.

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22 July

Date: July 22 2017

Deen & Rilo get the SNES Mini before it goes out of stock

When Wal-Mart notified Deen's phone it was a done dealer, Rilo looked out for Deen last year with the NES mini so it was only right he returned a favor. And yeah, this has nothing to do with Hip Hop, but it feels good to say you got one of these little bastards.

14 July

Date: July 14 2017

New Album: Ticket To Ride

Fo Rilo and Lil Spill just dropped 10 bangers for this album, produced by Sluggerino with features from Lucky Luciano, Milton Bradley & Mass. Click the "Read more" to purchase inside.

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11 July

Date: July 11 2017

"Tomorrow's Not Promised"

Brand new video from Juan Gotti featuring Ronnie Spencer and South Park Mexican, shot, edited and directed by Fo Rilo. Check it out.

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16 June

Date: June 16 2017

Sittin On Butter

New single available from Fo Rilo, Lil Spill, Sluggerino featuring Lucky Luciano.

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02 June

Date: June 02 2017

Drug Dealin Psycho Visual

New video from Omega Sin featuring Insane Loc.

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16 May

Date: May 16 2017

Tales From The Underground, Out Now

Click below and check out the latest album from Omega Sin, featuring Project Pat, Twisted Insane, AK of Do Or Die, T-Rock and much much more.

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12 May

Date: May 12 2017


Check out Jai Bravo's newest single featuring A. Bondz & IIndhand.

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09 May

Date: May 09 2017

New Website For Omega Sin

Codeen hooks up the homie Omega with a brand new site, link inside.

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05 May

Date: May 05 2017

2 Videos In The Same Week

Omega Sin just dropped 2 videos in the same week, one featuring Lil Wyte.

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21 Apr

Date: Apr 21 2017

Tales From The Underground Commercial

Codeen whips up a cool commercial for the homie Omega Sin.

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13 Apr

Date: Apr 13 2017

Hardwork Pays Off Tour

Young Bleed, Mr. Envi, Chucky Workclothes, along with others hit the road.

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31 Mar

Date: Mar 31 2017

All Nite Grind

Mr. Envi is back with his new project, link below.

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6 Mar

Date: Mar 6 2017

K-Fix Brand New Mixtape

K-Fix teams up with DJ Lil Sprite for an all new mixtape entitled "Monster Juice".

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27 Feb

Date: Feb 27 2017

New Video: Mr. Envi "3 Stripes"

Envi delivers a new video featuring Chucky Workclothes, from his upcoming album "All Nite Grind".

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21 Feb

Date: Feb 21 2017

Sick Thoughts

Check out Mário Roacha's newest single featuring Twisted Insane, King ISO, Dikulz and Omega Sin.

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06 Feb

Date: Feb 06 2017

2017 SCM Awards

Nominated twice, details on how to vote.

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30 Dec

Date: Dec 30 2016

New Video Alert, Omega Sin ft. Tone Jonez "Running Back"

Shot in stunning 4K, it's a story of a former d-boy with temptations of going back to the street life.

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15 Dec

Date: Dec 15 2016

Death Dealer

Check out K-Fix's new single.

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25 Oct

Date: Oct 25 2016

Endo Made It In The Fall Issue Of XXL Magazine

Cover features Young Thug & Gucci Mane.

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13 Oct

Date: Oct 13 2016

K-Rino Will Drop 7 Albums At The Same Time

The Wizard's making history.

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7 Oct

Date: Oct 7 2016

Fo Rilo Drops His Last Feature Tape

Rilo releases his newest project.

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30 Sept

Date: Sept 30 2016

Iron Chef Classics Available Now

Bigg Reed's most anticipated mixtape is available for free download, get it today.

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27 Sept

Date: Sept 27 2016

New Video Alert, Bigg Reed ft. D-Houston "Ganja / Still Sippin"

Reed's newest music video from his mixtape "Iron Chef Classics" which will be available this Friday.

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10 Sept

Date: Sept 10 2016

Iron Chef Classics Commercial

Bigg Reed's anticipated mixtape gets a commercial. Available September 30th on Datpiff, Spinrilla, Livemixtapes & everywhere else.

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10 Aug

Date: Aug 10 2016

New Bigg Reed P.S.A.

Bigg Reed is getting ready on the release on his upcoming project "Iron Chef Classics".

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02 Aug

Date: Aug 02 2016

Desiigner XXL Freestyle Parody By Bigg Reed

Alumni Til I Diiiiie....2 Trill Til I'm Killllled.....

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05 July

Date: July 05 2016

Fo Rilo's Latest "Thug Status" Is Available Now

Last Friday Rilo hit the streets.

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16 June

Date: June 16 2016

Fo Rilo releases new track from upcoming album "Thug Status"

Fo Rilo leaked a track earlier this week entitled "Diamonds Against The Wood" featuring former Suave House artist Crime Boss and Alumni's own Bigg Reed.

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10 June

Date: June 10 2016

Venomous Composition Is Available Now

Today is the day, the album is out.

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09 June

Date: June 09 2016

Hitting The Local Newspaper

Endo's new album catches attention from the local newspaper.

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06 June

Date: June 06 2016

Endo appears on Hype Magazine

The hype is real surrounding his upcoming album.

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06 June

Date: June 06 2016

"Be Like Kobe" Music Video

Song from the upcoming album "Venomous Composition" gets a video.

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30 MAY

Date: MAY 30 2016

Pre-Order Venomous Composition

Pre-order Mr. Endo G's upcoming album "Venomous Composition" on iTunes today. Featuring Lil Flip, Bizzy Bone, K-Rino, Loaded Lux, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Twisted Insane & More.

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15 may

Date: MAY 15 2016

"Paper" Music Video

Song from the upcoming album "Venomous Composition" gets a video featuring Big Pup (P.U.D. Ent.) & Young Deuce.

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05 may

Date: MAY 05 2016

Alumni Invades Empire

Mr. Endo G's commercial for his upcoming album "Venomous Composition" aired during last night's episode of Empire.

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20 APR

Date: APR 20 2016

Bigg Reed Leaks Song For Smokers On 4/20

The song "Smoke Marijuana" which features Mr. Endo G was released today on YouTube, the song will be appearing on Bigg Reed's "Iron Chef Classics" mixtape, Click the "Read More" tab to listen to it.

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07 apr

Date: APR 07 2016

"Venomous Composition" Cover Unveiled

Front cover, for Mr. Endo G's new album revealed.

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18 mar

Date: MAR 18 2016

Mr. Endo G Collabs With Bizzy Bone & Twisted Insane On The Track "Natural Clickin' Pt. 2"

That's right Mr. Endo G has gotten together Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's own Bizzy Bone and Brainsick's Twisted Insane on the same track entitled "Natural Clickin' Pt. 2", among others as well.

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13 mar

Date: MAR 13 2016

Bigg Reed Wraps Up "Iron Chef Classics"

Reed headed to El Dorado, AR to handle some personal matters and also finish up his upcoming project "Iron Chef Classics" mixtape.

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12 mar

Date: MAR 12 2016

2 Trill Back Up

Codeen decided to put the website back up and make it better than ever.

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